About P-Arrow

Just off Highway 11 in rural Sumter County, where the chocolate soil of the Black Belt meets the coastal plains, lies P-Arrow Plantation--a dreamscape for anglers and wildlife conservationists alike. Our stunning property is over 2,000 acres and features more than 110 acres of lakes filled with northern, Florida, and hybrid largemouth bass. Our clients have even turned out trophies as large as 15 pounds, with 10- to 12-pound fish caught regularly. What makes our fishing trips unique is our catch-and-release policy, meaning the number of fish in our lakes is always increasing.

Our Owners

Zina and Drayton Pruitt are passionate about the P-Arrow property. As a result of their intense management of the wildlife on our grounds, they have created an ideal arena for forestry and nature conservation. Their mission is to give back to the land while providing a service for people interested in fishing and wildlife conservation who may not otherwise have access to or the luxury of these activities.

Where Southern Hospitality Meets Conservation

There are few places today that provide the appearance of old southern hospitality, and even fewer that go beyond just the appearance. Here at P-Arrow, we're known for delivering old-fashioned southern charm and service in a conservation-friendly environment. The services we provide are unrivaled when it comes to benefiting the local forests and lakes, as well as the people who enjoy spending time in them and on them. Thanks to P-Arrow's owners, our beautiful natural surroundings will be here for everyone to enjoy for years to come.